We've always printed the occasional specialty book, but more frequently than ever clients are choosing Yorke to print their limited edition books. Why? Because they know their labor of love will receive our focused, careful attention throughout the production process. Each book appears crafted rather than mass-produced. Here are a few of the books we're proud to have printed:

26° 81° - Author: Joshua Dudley Greer; Publisher: Joseph Zednik and Poccuo.

10th Power of Creativity - Author: Steve Edsey.

The Playful Hand of God - Author: John T. Richardson.

What I Know So Far - Author: Kerry Grady; Photographer: Francois Robert.

Rebound - Liberation from Crisis - Author: Tomas Sumsky.

Inspire and Laughter - Publisher: Clickin' Moms. and

Mapping Manifest Destiny/Chicago and the American West - Author: Michael P. Conzen & Diane Dillon for the Newberry Library.