Not that we're bragging, but…

"Thank you for the quality workmanship, speedy and flexible turnaround times, and the many other ways you each helped us pull off a great donor recognition event yesterday."

"The brochure looks spectacular. Despite all of the internal challenges we had getting lists and the like together for this project, (Yorke sales rep) made sure it all came together without a problem. He even took the time to call and check in with me last week while he was on his vacation. That definitely doesn't happen anymore."

"...(the project) is a total home run and we appreciate the key role that Yorke played. You guys are proving to be a great partner."

"I don't view (Yorke sales rep) as a vendor, I view him as part of our staff. He's proactive in helping us determine the best way to print and handle projects. He's detail-oriented and not just delivers the project on time, but often times early - which is a big bonus. He'll take the time to come out and personally meet to go over proofs, discuss whatever is necessary and really deliver the personal service that has pretty much disappeared over the years."

Yorke is “very process oriented, when an order is received we can count on consistent communication and follow through.”

We are “able to rely (on Yorke) for internal press checks resulting in less hours incurred for press checks.”

“Have I mentioned how much you make our lives easier at (design firm)? I know we fail to mention it, but Yorke’s got it going on with customer service and we are and have been very happy with your team…. I’ve been having issues with some partners so it’s a relief when you guys are here for us.”
“You’ve hit every stage of this so far like clockwork. And your personal attention on this… is greatly appreciated.”
“Just wanted to say thanks for meeting the crazy deadline with the (hospital) brochure. You went above and beyond… and it’s appreciated.”
“The client loves the brochure and is very happy. She was using words like “love” and “amazing”….”
“We got our samples and they look beautiful! Two co-workers said this finally shows them the difference between a good printer and a regular printer….” 
“Our internal client said, ‘I’m jumping up and down, clapping and singing I’m so happy’ – I guess that means she likes it?”
“Thanks for making it happen (as always) on the program. It looked great, and delivered with time to spare. It’s so nice having a vendor like you that makes our jobs easier and makes us look good. We appreciate the partnership!”
“Thanks for the follow-up. The post cards were really really great. I loved them! The client also thinks they look awesome and are very very happy with them. I was also happy with the service. Everything went smoothly. Thanks again to Yorke for doing a great job.”
Yorke was “wonderfully hands-on and responsive. We will be doing our biggest print job of the year with Yorke.”
“I priced this job with five printers. Yorke was willing to put it on press (to test the technique). Brad’s understanding of the opacity of the ink made all the difference” (in achieving the desired effect).
“The quality and service from Yorke is high and rare.”
“All conversations have been really open, honest, and positive. I was impressed with the proofs, the turnaround, and the work.”
“The client was very happy with the product. There was a delay on our end, but Yorke made up for the time.”
“WOW. All I’ve got to say is wow. Nobody is as good as Yorke – nobody!”
“When I give a job to Yorke, it gets done and it gets done right. There is no micromanaging required on my part.”
“…just saw (the brochures) – they are beautifully done. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than their other printer that I encouraged them to move away from. Great job on this!”
“When we need printing regardless of all the printers we know, we always choose the best by working with you.”